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GRIM + PROPER CANDLES                           

Grim + Proper now can be part of your home! Adding to our ever growing brand we now offer you signature candles, perfect for any home or as any gift. Our 11oz soy wax candles come in a matte black finish to enhance anyones dark, gothic inspired household. Each candle fragrance is hand selected and poured locally in Florida.

ALL THE SMELL, NONE OF THE DRY MOUTH!                       

Our "DEVIL'S LETTUCE" candle brings all the smells of your favorite drug dealers apartment to your own home! Your home can now smell like your favorite herb without the coughing, red eyes or dry mouth. So grab some munchies, light one up and get high off the earthy, citrusy scent of your new favorite candle!     

NOTES: Top- Lemon, Lime 

               Middle- Hemp, Green Leaves               

               Base- Vetiver, Patchouli   


  • 11oz Soy wax                                  
  • Cannabis scent      
  • Height: 3.5 in  Width: 3.3 in                            
  • Hand poured in FL