We are not looking for models, and we personally scouts our influencers and sponsees out! However, if you'd like to get involved and work with us-
Check out our Brand Ambassador Program!
Here’s how it works!
 1. This program is meant to be mutually beneficial. You’ll be able to rep our brand, get some awesome discounts + win free gifts based on your sales. 
2. We give you your own personal code, with a DOPE discount for you to purchase your metch- along with a separate discount code for you to post in your bio and give out to your followers/friends.
3. Take some photos, tag us, rep your Followers/Friends discount code and you’ll be rewarded for the times your code is used on our site with clothes, gifts, store credit + more!
If you are interested, shoot us an email at with the subject line:
Brand Ambassador” with the information included below.
Name / Email / Preferred social media link 
No need to follow up. We will contact anyone who qualifies! 
(If you don’t receive a response within 48 hrs you did not qualify, but we strongly encourage you to try again in a few months!)